waldy fuffarumi

Say hello to waldy fuffarumi!  After wil fuffarumi was adopted through etsy, I decided to make a brother.

Waldy's name is one of my co-workers nickname.  I just loved the name and thought it fit my fuffarumi.  Today I brought my fuffalump in to work to show my co-worker.  He made a comment about how he tries to keep his hair tidy and laughed.  I said it's probably what he looks like when he gets stressed out from too many phone calls at the call center and he agreed.  Waldy's real name is Waldemar and it is a Russian name so the "w" is pronounced as "v."  Apparently, there were several European Monarchs named Valdemar, or Waldemar, a weightlifter, heavy metal artist, writer and bacteriologist :)

This amigurumi (crocheted toy) is my own design and is currently available on etsy. 


Bitty Baby Bird is in Stuffed Magazine!

YAY!  Stuffed Magazine, The Crafting of Softies Volume 3, Issue 1 has a full page for bitty baby bird.  He's not so bitty.  There are other cool creations from other artists too.


Money Matters


I just finished my very first video of one of my free form bead embroidery pieces.

I was very inspired to do free form embroidery by Robin Atkins.  The piece featured in this video started out with a upholstery fabric sample.  I had no idea what the end result would be but while I was stitching I thought of all the money matters in my life at that time: bills, future plans, my business and used it as art therapy.  I liked the play on words.  It could be read as "Money Matters?" (as in, does it really matter) or "Money Matters" (as in the stress of things associated with money).   I noticed the outer edge began to look like a traditional change purse.  I must admit, I had a very hard time finding a purse frame to fit my design.  One of the quirks of not knowing your end result when you begin free form.  Once I was done the first side, I placed a piece of card stock under it and poked holes along the edge with a needle.  Then, I had a template for the other side which progress is featured in most of this video.  After about 50 hours, the sides were completed and I turned once again to Robin Atkins with a terrificly helpful book of hers called Finishing Techniques For Bead Embroidery Projects.  The finished purse is 4 1/2" high by 4" at the widest width by 1/4" thick.

My next projects are ACEOs, or Artist Trading Cards for sale of free form bead embroidery so that I have lower cost "jewels."   Enjoy!


Purple Heart Ornament Painted on the Inside

After a sale of one of my gold and purple heart ornaments through etsy, I decided to make 6 purple and gold ornaments this evening.  Drying time for my ornaments can take up to a week but because my heart ornaments are a bit smaller, they will only take about 4 days to completely dry.


Blue Man Doodle

This is another drawing from my elephant sketchbook.  It reminds me of Oogie Boogie Man from Nightmare Before Christmas.  I think he's going through a Blue Period.


Faces of the World Pin by Jennifer D Burrell

I just posted this pin on Etsy.   It's one of my favorites.  Years ago (1995?), a good friend of mine's mother commissioned me to do a pin of many children from different ethnic backgrounds that she could wear to work.  Since then, I have made many similar pins and fun bracelets too.  They are a very popular gift for teachers.
This particular pin is dated 2003 on the back.  I brought it to an open house I did in West Chester, PA last month as well as other jewelry stock.  I decided to mark down all my jewelry (including this pin) 1/2 off for this holiday season.


Creations by JDB's New Shop at Cafe Press!

I drew this abstract doodle in brown ink on the first page of a fabric covered sketchbook which I got as a birthday gift in 2007.  The fabric image on the front of the sketchbook is a brown outlined elephant.  The thing is, I didn't start this drawing with the elephant.  I started it with the turtle looking design above the elephant head.  You can tell a bit because the "turtle" is a little heavy handed and looks just a tad bit darker.  So, my subconscious must have said, "hey!  you need an elephant head in this doodle."

Elephants have been a popular animal throughout my life.  Especially  purple ones!  When I was in grade school I colored in an elephant on a ditto sheet, "E for Elephant" with a purple crayon.   I remember the smell and feel of those old blue printed ditto sheets right after they were "copied."  Do you?  My teacher wrote on my elephant ditto sheet a note to my mom, "please inform Jennifer that elephants are not purple."  I remember sitting there at my desk with the different colors of crayons and thinking...are elephants blue? grey? purple would be nice.  Once I showed the ditto to my mom she was immediately on the phone to the teacher.  "How DARE you stifle my child's creativity!"  Go Mom!

Last week, I attended a marketing workshop by Robin Pedrero whose work I love!  Robin's blog  She does wonderful nature inspired bright colored paintings.  Robin showed me and 3 other women artist how to take advantage of what the web has to offer us these days.  (if one of you is reading this could you send me a link to post here?)  I was very energized.  It was just what I needed.  My first step was making a fan page on facebook : creationsbyjdb fan page  Next was getting on twitter, this blog and now Cafe Press!