Purple Heart Ornament Painted on the Inside

After a sale of one of my gold and purple heart ornaments through etsy, I decided to make 6 purple and gold ornaments this evening.  Drying time for my ornaments can take up to a week but because my heart ornaments are a bit smaller, they will only take about 4 days to completely dry.


Blue Man Doodle

This is another drawing from my elephant sketchbook.  It reminds me of Oogie Boogie Man from Nightmare Before Christmas.  I think he's going through a Blue Period.


Faces of the World Pin by Jennifer D Burrell

I just posted this pin on Etsy.   It's one of my favorites.  Years ago (1995?), a good friend of mine's mother commissioned me to do a pin of many children from different ethnic backgrounds that she could wear to work.  Since then, I have made many similar pins and fun bracelets too.  They are a very popular gift for teachers.
This particular pin is dated 2003 on the back.  I brought it to an open house I did in West Chester, PA last month as well as other jewelry stock.  I decided to mark down all my jewelry (including this pin) 1/2 off for this holiday season.


Creations by JDB's New Shop at Cafe Press!

I drew this abstract doodle in brown ink on the first page of a fabric covered sketchbook which I got as a birthday gift in 2007.  The fabric image on the front of the sketchbook is a brown outlined elephant.  The thing is, I didn't start this drawing with the elephant.  I started it with the turtle looking design above the elephant head.  You can tell a bit because the "turtle" is a little heavy handed and looks just a tad bit darker.  So, my subconscious must have said, "hey!  you need an elephant head in this doodle."

Elephants have been a popular animal throughout my life.  Especially  purple ones!  When I was in grade school I colored in an elephant on a ditto sheet, "E for Elephant" with a purple crayon.   I remember the smell and feel of those old blue printed ditto sheets right after they were "copied."  Do you?  My teacher wrote on my elephant ditto sheet a note to my mom, "please inform Jennifer that elephants are not purple."  I remember sitting there at my desk with the different colors of crayons and thinking...are elephants blue? grey? purple would be nice.  Once I showed the ditto to my mom she was immediately on the phone to the teacher.  "How DARE you stifle my child's creativity!"  Go Mom!

Last week, I attended a marketing workshop by Robin Pedrero whose work I love!  Robin's blog  She does wonderful nature inspired bright colored paintings.  Robin showed me and 3 other women artist how to take advantage of what the web has to offer us these days.  (if one of you is reading this could you send me a link to post here?)  I was very energized.  It was just what I needed.  My first step was making a fan page on facebook : creationsbyjdb fan page  Next was getting on twitter, this blog and now Cafe Press!