Money Matters


I just finished my very first video of one of my free form bead embroidery pieces.

I was very inspired to do free form embroidery by Robin Atkins.  The piece featured in this video started out with a upholstery fabric sample.  I had no idea what the end result would be but while I was stitching I thought of all the money matters in my life at that time: bills, future plans, my business and used it as art therapy.  I liked the play on words.  It could be read as "Money Matters?" (as in, does it really matter) or "Money Matters" (as in the stress of things associated with money).   I noticed the outer edge began to look like a traditional change purse.  I must admit, I had a very hard time finding a purse frame to fit my design.  One of the quirks of not knowing your end result when you begin free form.  Once I was done the first side, I placed a piece of card stock under it and poked holes along the edge with a needle.  Then, I had a template for the other side which progress is featured in most of this video.  After about 50 hours, the sides were completed and I turned once again to Robin Atkins with a terrificly helpful book of hers called Finishing Techniques For Bead Embroidery Projects.  The finished purse is 4 1/2" high by 4" at the widest width by 1/4" thick.

My next projects are ACEOs, or Artist Trading Cards for sale of free form bead embroidery so that I have lower cost "jewels."   Enjoy!


  1. This is so cool!
    I want to put it on the FEST blog.

  2. Thank you Quirky Terry and thanks once again for posting this video on etsyFEST's blog. I'm honored.