waldy fuffarumi

Say hello to waldy fuffarumi!  After wil fuffarumi was adopted through etsy, I decided to make a brother.

Waldy's name is one of my co-workers nickname.  I just loved the name and thought it fit my fuffarumi.  Today I brought my fuffalump in to work to show my co-worker.  He made a comment about how he tries to keep his hair tidy and laughed.  I said it's probably what he looks like when he gets stressed out from too many phone calls at the call center and he agreed.  Waldy's real name is Waldemar and it is a Russian name so the "w" is pronounced as "v."  Apparently, there were several European Monarchs named Valdemar, or Waldemar, a weightlifter, heavy metal artist, writer and bacteriologist :)

This amigurumi (crocheted toy) is my own design and is currently available on etsy. 

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