"Tinkerlicious" Fuffalump

I decided to make my niece a Fuffalump for her birthday.  

 She enjoys making Fuffalump faces and recently sent me a book she made called These are the Cutest Fuffalumps.

On left, book made by Megan.  On right, swaggy pattern.
For the book, I believe Megan used her sister's Fuffalump, Swaggy, as the model and played with all different kinds of designs for his "fur." 

First step was to text her mom, Mary, to see what her current favorite colors were.  Next step, music.  My "classic" iPod recently broke so, this is my new Nano iPod which I'm loving!

I always get inspired with fabrics.  Even though I organized a lot of my stash, I still found myself going through all of my boxes looking for the perfect fabric for my niece.

 I saw some Pink Panther polka-dot flannel fabric that I got for a project a couple of years ago.  Perfect!  Megan and I actually watched Pink Panther cartoons at the beach house this past Summer.

Swaggy pattern on Pink Panther Fabric.

Break time.  The Office, Season 4 streamed through Netflix.  Beau took a break too.

Beau asks, "Break time done already?  Where's my treat?  Why are you making a cat?"

 After I cut, sewed and stuffed the main body of the Fuffalump, it looked like it was dancing. 

I remembered taking Megan to ballet class a couple of years ago so, I decided to make a tutu for this kitty.  I had some tulle on a spool (rhymes) from when I made a Barbie bridal veil.  Also, I always keep the elastic tops from socks that became Fuffalumps.  There was a pink one that worked out nicely as the waist of the tutu.

Next, I attached the tail.  I used a bead and buttons for the eyes, bead for the mouth, a red button nose and untwisted wool floss for the whiskers.  For inside the ears, I cut out pieces from an old wool Gap sweater of mine that had a permanent stain on the front.  Loved that sweater and glad I could add something very personal to Megan's Fuffalump.

 Wrapped and shipped Megan's Fuffalump.

  This very small image is from my cell phone.  Her mom took the picture and sent it to me.

Megan loves her new Fuffalump and took her to ballet class as soon as she received it.  She named her Tinkerlicious.  Megan is going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween and I think she combined that with pinkerlicious because she's pink.

Platypus Fuffalump's Journey

I got an order from a very good friend to make a Fuffalump for her nephew.  She wasn't specific about which Fuffalump but said he did like Perry the Platypus from the show Phineas and Ferb.  Me too!  My nephew actually gave me a shirt of Perry and we both have the stuffed animal which I made a detective hat for each.  Yes, I love "platypi."  I have collected them ever since High School.

 First thing I do when creating a Fuffalump is look through my stashes of fabrics.  I pulled out what I thought to be good "boy" fabrics.  In the process, I came across some navy blue and gray socks that my friend had given me to be used in a future creation.  I thought, how perfect!  Soon after, I found an old fleece sweater in my stash that couldn't be worn anymore.  It matched the socks, including the snowflake design!

Next up was to create a pattern.  I decided to use one of the sweater snowflakes for his bill and the sock bits would be legs.

Once I cut out the fabric, I pinned it, sewed it, stuffed it and then hand sewed the bill, eyes and legs to the body.  I tried attaching a tongue but it just didn't look right.  Platypi are quiet animals, sneaky like Perry.  Something was missing though...

I showed it to Jason and he agreed with me that something needed to be decorated on his back: beads, buttons, embroidery?   I actually imagined a swirly design on his back while I was sewing him.  So, I got out my bin of embroidery floss.  Voila!  Hope my friend likes it.  I sent her some images.


the inspiration behind nereid dolphinia fuffalump


Nereid was made with no pattern or plan.  All I knew was that I was staring at a bunch of wonderful, hand dyed blue scraps from Fiber Artist Deborah Gregory and wanted to make something special.   So, I began cutting, sewing, pressing, placing, recutting, resewing, and reassembling on my ironing board.  I had some names running through my head while I was making her like Squidess and Dolphin Maid.  The more she came together, the more I realized she was influenced by my recent viewing of the movies Avatar and Splash.  Nice mix, huh?  So, I thought, Avataid?  Mermatar?  Madison?   I decided to ask my facebook friends for help naming her and here are some of their suggestionss: Mernava, Mernatar, Avamaid, Ayame, Ai (indigo), Siren, Amphitrite, Shellie, Aquatica, Azul (blue in spanish), Finny, Yemaya, Swishy Fish, Squidish and, of course, Nereid and Dolphinia.   Nereids are Greek sea nymphs who are friendly and helpful to sailors in trouble and tend to hang out with Poseidon. Dolphinia also seemed to fit.

For Nereid's face I did some new things.  I used felt and a button for one eye whereas I usually stack buttons or just use felt.  I also flipped a pony bead (plastic) on its side so she is either surprised or singing.

Nereid Dolphinia Fuffalump is up for adoption on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40687483


The Fuffalump Dog Toy Challenge

This challenge came about because a woman at work said she wanted one of my Fuffalumps as a toy for her small dog but didn't want to pay a lot for it.  I accepted the challenge!

For the design, I had it stuck in my mind that it had to be my Stressy the Stress Monster pattern.  The first one I made had beads and buttons for his eyes and teeth.  When I showed him off, some people said they wanted to throw him and wondered if I could make Stressy with fabric facial features.

Also, I wanted the doggie toy to have Frozen Fuffalump's teeth so that he was "growling" back at the dog.  I noticed that my mini poodle seemed to like the stuffed toys that were either his size or larger.

For material, I saw from Beau's toy box that he liked the fake fur stuffed toys.  I really didn't have any scraps large enough or bright enough.  Then, I had a eureka moment when I saw a couple towels I was saving up for a special project.  One towel was bright yellow and the other was white.  The yellow one was brand new and was meant to be a duster or dish cloth I think.  The white one had a black stain that never came out and with enough usable non-stained area for Stressy.  I also had saved the squeakers from some of Beau's toys that he destroyed so, one of those went into the middle surrounded by stuffing.


In order to bring the cost down, I thought of figure drawing classes in Art school and how we would have very quick warm up poses so you had to sketch very quickly and I loved the energy that went into those drawings.   So, my goal was to make this Fuffalump as fast as I could and I ended up discovering some new Fuffalump techniques along the way.   

I cut out the pieces of towel, eyes and mouth (magic markered).  I usually hand stitch the facial features of my Fuffalumps but this time I used the machine and sewed them on the main front piece before attaching it to the back piece.  I loved going round and round on the eyes.  Very free form.

update: Thank you for the comments.  I agree that medium and big dogs would tear this apart in a second and that would be a shame.  I think this works better for small dogs or people who just want something new for their dog to fetch.  I got an order a few days ago for another one so, I'm off to find some inexpensive towels.  I'm also going to make one for my miniature poodle, Beau, and see how he likes it.



The Frozen Fuffalump Story

Once upon a time, in the land of Etsy, a challenge was proclaimed.  Post something "ICY."

It was up to the artist, Jennifer to step up to the challenge.  She began by making a doodle at the bottom of her weekend schedule.  She was remembering May of 2006 when she and her Father-in-law felt frozen to death stepping off the plane in Providence, RI after being in warm, sunny Florida.

This January, Florida had that same feel.  Jennifer saw frost on her lawn and car windshield some mornings.  She read funny stories from her EtsyFEST teammates of small critters like frogs and lizards coming in from the cold.  Her office attire would consist of a long sleeved mock turtle neck, sweater, wool pants, wool jacket with hoodie, gloves and scarf.  Yes, in Florida!  Jennifer dove into her Fuffalump supply of socks in her studio.  "Sorry, I need to wear these!"


Icy to Jennifer meant cool tones of blue so she pulled out many different types of blue fabrics.  Some of them were hand dyed cottons, a baby hand cover, stretchy striped material that may have come from a halter top, and her favorite, soft, light blue fake fur.

 Jennifer wasn't sure what kind of Fuffalump would emerge.  She started with the teeth since she knew exactly what expression they should make.  She tried fabric eyes but returned to her favorite Fuffalump trademark of stacked buttons.  For the nose, she used the baby hand cover which was given to her by a very dear friend.  Does it look familiar?  Yup, the other cover was used for Bitty Baby Bird (see his post in this blog).  The tough part was the arms.  Jen worked a while on them and decided to look at them with a fresh pair of eyes the next day.

She decided his arms should match his body and stitched deep blue lips around the teeth to make them stand out.  She named him Frozen Fuffalump and thought he would be good friends with Stressy the Stress Monster Fuffalump.  Frozen Fuffalump hopes to live happily ever after in someone's warm home. 

Update: Frozen Fuffalump was adopted almost as soon as he was posted on etsy.  He is living in sunny California.  Here is a note from his housemates:

"Frozen Fuffalump arrived in time for Rob's birthday... with days to spare!  Rob loves him!  I know because he put him near his side of the bed on his bureau and he mentions every so often how he sees him and gets a kick out of his expression...I'm so glad that I saw your Frozen Fuff when I did, and that no one else beat me to him!...even though I thought it was pretty warm day here today, Fuff still looks a little frozen!  Ha Ha!" - quoted with permission from Kim. 

Thanks again Kim and glad Frozen Fuffalump is giving you lots of laughs!


Fun Fuffalump Film Quote

"No, no. It's not schizophrenia. It's just a voice in my head. I mean, the voice isn't telling me to do anything. It's telling me what I've already done... accurately, and with a better vocabulary."

Fuffalump pictured is Swaggy.  She was made for my neice out of her leftover bedroom swag fabric.


Fun Fuffalump Film Quote

"Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world and in here is the dream."

Can you guess this recent movie Psychedelic Pete Penguin is quoting from?


Fun Fuffalump Film Quotes

Police: "Are you classified as human?" 

Korben Dallas: "Negative, I am a meat popsicle."

Can you guess what film Wally the Duck is quoting from?


Fun Fuffalump Film Scene


Fun Fuffalump Film Scene: "Andalasia...I've called every travel agent. I'm not sure if it's a country or a city." Robert: "It can't be a state." Sam: "More like a state of mind. She told me it's just beyond the meadows of joy and the valley of contentment. What is that all about?" 

Can you guess what movie this scene is from?

I had so much fun doing a Christmas Movie Quote a day on Facebook that I thought I would start the new year with Fun Fuffalump Film Quotes and Scenes. Pictured above is Stella who lives in Tennessee.


Unfinished Projects 2009

Happy 2010 Everyone!

Last year my New Year's Resolution was to finish my unfinished projects.  I get very excited about trying new things.  Consequently, I will start something and put it down to start something else as my mind jumps from one possibility to the next.  I am happy to say that by September I had 9 unfinished projects finished.  And, I enjoyed the problem solving.  Some things, like a crocheted black shawl, ended up being just that.  But one thing I started was a white, knitted (I'm a novice) pillow cover.  It ended up making it into a striped Fuffalump bag.  You can see photos of some of my projects on flicker: Finishing Unfinished Projects

The project I am most proud of is my bead embroidered purse.  You can read more about it here as one of my blog entries and even see a film of it in progress.

This year, I will be working on marketing my Fuffalumps thanks to Robin Pedrero and a book she recommended and now I do, called I'd Rather be in the Studio by Alyson Stanfield 

I also plan on sticking to my yoga every day.  It seems to happen every year that the first 3-5 months I am doing yoga most mornings and I can see the results a couple weeks after I start, more energy and less headaches.  So, my resolution is to do yoga up to and including December 2010.  How about you?  How did you do with last year's resolution and what is this year's plan?