The Frozen Fuffalump Story

Once upon a time, in the land of Etsy, a challenge was proclaimed.  Post something "ICY."

It was up to the artist, Jennifer to step up to the challenge.  She began by making a doodle at the bottom of her weekend schedule.  She was remembering May of 2006 when she and her Father-in-law felt frozen to death stepping off the plane in Providence, RI after being in warm, sunny Florida.

This January, Florida had that same feel.  Jennifer saw frost on her lawn and car windshield some mornings.  She read funny stories from her EtsyFEST teammates of small critters like frogs and lizards coming in from the cold.  Her office attire would consist of a long sleeved mock turtle neck, sweater, wool pants, wool jacket with hoodie, gloves and scarf.  Yes, in Florida!  Jennifer dove into her Fuffalump supply of socks in her studio.  "Sorry, I need to wear these!"


Icy to Jennifer meant cool tones of blue so she pulled out many different types of blue fabrics.  Some of them were hand dyed cottons, a baby hand cover, stretchy striped material that may have come from a halter top, and her favorite, soft, light blue fake fur.

 Jennifer wasn't sure what kind of Fuffalump would emerge.  She started with the teeth since she knew exactly what expression they should make.  She tried fabric eyes but returned to her favorite Fuffalump trademark of stacked buttons.  For the nose, she used the baby hand cover which was given to her by a very dear friend.  Does it look familiar?  Yup, the other cover was used for Bitty Baby Bird (see his post in this blog).  The tough part was the arms.  Jen worked a while on them and decided to look at them with a fresh pair of eyes the next day.

She decided his arms should match his body and stitched deep blue lips around the teeth to make them stand out.  She named him Frozen Fuffalump and thought he would be good friends with Stressy the Stress Monster Fuffalump.  Frozen Fuffalump hopes to live happily ever after in someone's warm home. 

Update: Frozen Fuffalump was adopted almost as soon as he was posted on etsy.  He is living in sunny California.  Here is a note from his housemates:

"Frozen Fuffalump arrived in time for Rob's birthday... with days to spare!  Rob loves him!  I know because he put him near his side of the bed on his bureau and he mentions every so often how he sees him and gets a kick out of his expression...I'm so glad that I saw your Frozen Fuff when I did, and that no one else beat me to him!...even though I thought it was pretty warm day here today, Fuff still looks a little frozen!  Ha Ha!" - quoted with permission from Kim. 

Thanks again Kim and glad Frozen Fuffalump is giving you lots of laughs!


  1. Yes! He does look ICY and COLD! Good job; the fabric and blue lips are especially telling.

  2. Love the frozen teeth on this chap. I`ve joined your blog as a follower, as I love your Flickr stream. Funny how the cold has been so inspirational.

  3. i am living in the antartic....well Pa but that is close enough and that little fella makes me cold! Good Job!!!

  4. Thank you Phyllis, Lori and welcome to my blog Louise! I know we've been flickr buddies for quite a while :)

  5. I like this comment from my father-in-law who understood my "pain" in Providence. "May future bursts of creativity be born of less discomfort."

  6. Frozen is awesome! I love his expression and how his arms wrap around his body. He's perfect for this year's winter.

  7. Thanks Michelle! This is from one of my supporters who couldn't figure out how to post:
    "So sorry that the cold weather in 'sunny Florida' has made you produce the Frozen Fuffalump but I do think he is a "winner'."


  8. That little guy is too cute! I love how he has his little arms wrapped around him for warmth. :-)