the inspiration behind nereid dolphinia fuffalump


Nereid was made with no pattern or plan.  All I knew was that I was staring at a bunch of wonderful, hand dyed blue scraps from Fiber Artist Deborah Gregory and wanted to make something special.   So, I began cutting, sewing, pressing, placing, recutting, resewing, and reassembling on my ironing board.  I had some names running through my head while I was making her like Squidess and Dolphin Maid.  The more she came together, the more I realized she was influenced by my recent viewing of the movies Avatar and Splash.  Nice mix, huh?  So, I thought, Avataid?  Mermatar?  Madison?   I decided to ask my facebook friends for help naming her and here are some of their suggestionss: Mernava, Mernatar, Avamaid, Ayame, Ai (indigo), Siren, Amphitrite, Shellie, Aquatica, Azul (blue in spanish), Finny, Yemaya, Swishy Fish, Squidish and, of course, Nereid and Dolphinia.   Nereids are Greek sea nymphs who are friendly and helpful to sailors in trouble and tend to hang out with Poseidon. Dolphinia also seemed to fit.

For Nereid's face I did some new things.  I used felt and a button for one eye whereas I usually stack buttons or just use felt.  I also flipped a pony bead (plastic) on its side so she is either surprised or singing.

Nereid Dolphinia Fuffalump is up for adoption on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40687483

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