"Tinkerlicious" Fuffalump

I decided to make my niece a Fuffalump for her birthday.  

 She enjoys making Fuffalump faces and recently sent me a book she made called These are the Cutest Fuffalumps.

On left, book made by Megan.  On right, swaggy pattern.
For the book, I believe Megan used her sister's Fuffalump, Swaggy, as the model and played with all different kinds of designs for his "fur." 

First step was to text her mom, Mary, to see what her current favorite colors were.  Next step, music.  My "classic" iPod recently broke so, this is my new Nano iPod which I'm loving!

I always get inspired with fabrics.  Even though I organized a lot of my stash, I still found myself going through all of my boxes looking for the perfect fabric for my niece.

 I saw some Pink Panther polka-dot flannel fabric that I got for a project a couple of years ago.  Perfect!  Megan and I actually watched Pink Panther cartoons at the beach house this past Summer.

Swaggy pattern on Pink Panther Fabric.

Break time.  The Office, Season 4 streamed through Netflix.  Beau took a break too.

Beau asks, "Break time done already?  Where's my treat?  Why are you making a cat?"

 After I cut, sewed and stuffed the main body of the Fuffalump, it looked like it was dancing. 

I remembered taking Megan to ballet class a couple of years ago so, I decided to make a tutu for this kitty.  I had some tulle on a spool (rhymes) from when I made a Barbie bridal veil.  Also, I always keep the elastic tops from socks that became Fuffalumps.  There was a pink one that worked out nicely as the waist of the tutu.

Next, I attached the tail.  I used a bead and buttons for the eyes, bead for the mouth, a red button nose and untwisted wool floss for the whiskers.  For inside the ears, I cut out pieces from an old wool Gap sweater of mine that had a permanent stain on the front.  Loved that sweater and glad I could add something very personal to Megan's Fuffalump.

 Wrapped and shipped Megan's Fuffalump.

  This very small image is from my cell phone.  Her mom took the picture and sent it to me.

Megan loves her new Fuffalump and took her to ballet class as soon as she received it.  She named her Tinkerlicious.  Megan is going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween and I think she combined that with pinkerlicious because she's pink.

Platypus Fuffalump's Journey

I got an order from a very good friend to make a Fuffalump for her nephew.  She wasn't specific about which Fuffalump but said he did like Perry the Platypus from the show Phineas and Ferb.  Me too!  My nephew actually gave me a shirt of Perry and we both have the stuffed animal which I made a detective hat for each.  Yes, I love "platypi."  I have collected them ever since High School.

 First thing I do when creating a Fuffalump is look through my stashes of fabrics.  I pulled out what I thought to be good "boy" fabrics.  In the process, I came across some navy blue and gray socks that my friend had given me to be used in a future creation.  I thought, how perfect!  Soon after, I found an old fleece sweater in my stash that couldn't be worn anymore.  It matched the socks, including the snowflake design!

Next up was to create a pattern.  I decided to use one of the sweater snowflakes for his bill and the sock bits would be legs.

Once I cut out the fabric, I pinned it, sewed it, stuffed it and then hand sewed the bill, eyes and legs to the body.  I tried attaching a tongue but it just didn't look right.  Platypi are quiet animals, sneaky like Perry.  Something was missing though...

I showed it to Jason and he agreed with me that something needed to be decorated on his back: beads, buttons, embroidery?   I actually imagined a swirly design on his back while I was sewing him.  So, I got out my bin of embroidery floss.  Voila!  Hope my friend likes it.  I sent her some images.