Remi the Rabbit

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  
Happy Year of the Rabbit!
Remi the Rabbit



My newest creation is named Remi the Rabbit because he is made out of remnants of many fabrics.  He has fabrics from New York when I was working in the theater, hand dyed fabrics from Fiber Artist Deborah Gregory, and donated scraps from many dear friends.  After I cut, sew and resewed these fabrics together I decided to add ribbons and unique fibers I acquired when I was weaving in the Fiber Studio at SCAD.

Remi was adopted through my etsy store

Remi is fully jointed.  This means his arms, legs and heads can all rotate.  I used plastic joints and eyes for the first time since there has been much demand for my Fuffalumps to be gifts for babies and toddlers.  He has plastic pellets encased in his feet so that he can stand.  He is about 10" tall.


Why a rabbit?  They seem to keep popping up in my life this year.  Besides the fact that this is the Year of the Rabbit, there was a giant rabbit fossil discovered on a Spanish island, I purchased my first pair of Japanese Tabi socks have many rabbits on them and the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite of mine.

Update:  Remi was adopted the day after this blog was posted and is now living in Wichita KS with many of his rabbit cousins.  Remi II was born just as William and Kate shared their second kiss on April 29, 2011.  He has also been adopted as a gift.  I didn't track how long Remi took but I did for Remi II since many people were curious, 12.5 hours.

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  1. He's wonderful! I have a Guatemalan backpack I've been saving for a special project, too. It may become part of an art quilt, some clothing, or most likely, simply a throw pillow. Your Remi is inspirational!