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Squirrel, Rabbit and Duck made from Socks

I love the idea of taking something that has been discarded, rethinking it and reinventing it.  As a kid, I used recycled items to make things for my dolls.  The fact that I could get materials for free was a bonus.  I used shoe boxes as dollhouses.  It was a joy to have an old wallpaper sample book for making dollhouse furniture.  My neighbor, who made her own clothes, let me sift through her drawer of delightful fabric scraps for doll clothing.  Half the fun of playing was making.  Before an interesting container went into the trash, my mom asked if I wanted it.  Now, my husband does the same thing!  "Can we use this for something?"

It's not uncommon for friends and family to send me fabrics.  Sometimes they ask for me to reinvent their stash. Other times they are just glad to know their discarded fabrics will be made into something wonderful.  A couple of months ago, I received 3 pairs of pretty socks and ribbons from my good friend, Elizabeth.  Her only instructions were to make some Fuffalumps, which is what I call my plush stuffed animals.  I ended up making 5.

The tone of the darker sock reminded my of an elephant's hide so, I made Ernest the Elephant.  Even his tie is a sock.  Elizabeth's ribbon was used for the trim of his vest which was made out of an upholstery sample.  His tongue is out of red corduroy and his eyes are black velvet.

Ernest the Elephant

The other socks reminded me of Spring and Easter and I love making rabbits so, next up was my Jackie Rabbit design with a few new touches like pants and a bow in her hair.

Jackie Rabbit

In between making Fuffalumps, I drove my car to drop off an order at the Post Office and on the way literally ran into a squirrel.  He was darting across the street so fast, like a blur.  I felt so bad that I dedicated my next stuffed animal to that squirrel.

Sammy the Squirrel

Next up was a bird.  Birds seem to be prevalent in my life so, I used socks and soft pastel scraps in the design of my Bitty Baby Bird and it turned into a Bitty Baby Duck.

Bitty Baby Duck

I started with my dog design of Joey Jelly Belly for what was left.  He is totally recycled with socks for his ears, muzzle and body.  His arms are made out of baby hand mitts (also from a friend).  I used Elizabeth's ribbons as pant cuffs.  A pinky of a glove is his tongue and soft reclaimed pink fabric for his feet.  He is named after an artist friend's son.

Lucas the Dog

To buy one of my creations, please click on this link for my etsy store:  Creations by JDB  If you are interested in having a custom made stuffed animal e-mail me: m8knf8ces3@yahoo.com  All rights reserved on all images and finished designs as intellectual property of Creations by Jennifer D Burrell © 2012.

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