Little Beau Blue

We rescued our miniature poodle, Beau, in 2004.  We think he was about 11 years old at the time.  He was there to help me through a miscarriage, many migraines, and nights my husband, Jason, returned late from work.
Early one September morning in 2009, Beau courageously alerted Jason that there was an intruder trying to break into our house.  The stress of that incident affected Beau tremendously and we discovered he was diabetic.  The vet guessed he had another 2-3 years with us.  What followed for Beau was a lot of trips to the vet, change of diet, 7 different medications including 2 shots of insulin a day and supplements for his arthritis. 
Right up the his last week, Beau would wag his tail and attempt to bring me his toys.  He could barely see due to cataracts.  In his last hours, Beau's warm body laid on my lap which was rare for him.  He usually fidget with what my niece Rachel coins as F.O.M.S. or, Fear of Missing Something.
Beau passed away on April 14, 2012.  The week after his death, I upcycled this stuffed animal out of unused socks.  It represents Beau and my Blue Period which followed his death.  People would often mistake Beau as a girl poodle so, I distinguished Little Beau Blue as a boy with its argyle blue and grey socks.  He is adoptable through my etsy store, creationsbyjdb.
RIP Beau!


  1. I like litte Beau Blue....he is really cute. Almost as cute and Our little Beau was!

  2. Sorry for your furry friend loss:( I do love the upcycled pup!