A dear friend of mine, Linda Twilda Treadway-Dillmon, asked me to make a Twilda Fuffalump.  I was definitely up for the fun challenge.  Twilda is a remarkable woman.  She was one of my Dad's Athletic Training students and the most fun babysitter I ever had!  She went on to become an Assistant Professor, Program Director, Stunt Woman, Police Dispatcher, Secretary at a Children's Hospital, Purchasing Clerk and is currently Performer at Disneyland where she has been since 1988.  During all of this she kept busy with cutting edge craft projects, entering them in competitions and usually winning.  My hero!  So, what kind of art toy do I make for someone who does so much and means so much to me?  I began sketching out ideas.

I jotted down some notes in my sketchbook, "layered fabric, bright, Mickey Mouse, funny, strong, California, octopus, centipede, optimistic, energy, tight design, skinny, jointed, ant, squeezable."
I went to my studio and pulled out bright fabrics and made patterns.  The body, arms and head are machine stitched out of an upcycled shirt and socks.  You can kind of see the heel of one sock was used as Twildabug's chin.  The antennas are made from the edgings/hem of a shirt.  I hand sewed on button eyes, nose, tongue and felt symbols and embroidered the mouth with embroidery floss.

Twildabug took over 7 hours to create and was born on June 7, 2012.  If you are interested in a made to order, personalized Fuffalump or just want to chat please contact me at m8knf8ces3@yahoo.com