Everything is Rosie

Rosie the Breast Cancer Awareness Chicken

My dear friend Eileen asked me to do 2 Fuffalumps based on her wonderful adopted chicken, Rosie, to be given as gifts.  The lyrics from the song Rosie from Bye Bye Birdie came to my mind every time I e-mailed Eileen about Rosie the Fuffalump, "everything is Rosie." 

I met Rosie this past Summer at her new "Chicken Plaza" and asked Eileen to give me Rosie's story.  She is a beautiful 9-year-old Americauna chicken who spent most of her life as a Montessori school garden chicken where she was loved, held, hugged and fed by 60 plus children.  She free ranged in an organic garden. Well past her prime laying years, she spent this past Summer in Eileen's son, Trevor's loving care and she started laying eggs again. She hadn't laid eggs at school for several years. Since she appeared to love her Summer home, the Montessori outdoor teacher decided to make Chicken Plaza her permanent retirement home. So, Rosie is happily retired. Her new students at Chicken Plaza are six, 5-month-old chicks, just learning how to nest and lay under her matriarchal guidance.

My Sketch
The first thing I did for Eileen's custom order was a sketch based on a memory of a chicken pillow I had as a little girl and added a swirl, a sign of energy that always seem to appear in my works of Art.  For Breast Cancer Awareness Rosie, I used fuzzy pink socks for her comb, beak and feet.  Her body is made from light pink velvet pajamas so she is oh, so huggable.  For the swirl on Rosie's wing I used the satin ribbon that was the drawstring for the pajama bottoms.

Layout of Fabrics

Sewing Rosie's Feet
2nd Rosie
 The second Rosie is made from a felted pink wool sweater, three red gloves that I was lucky enough to find in a Florida store (it's not Fall weather here yet), hand dyed fabric from my good friend Deborah, and ribbon for the swirl on the wing.  These Rosies will be traveling to meet Eileen very soon so she can have them for Christmas gifts.  If you have a custom order please be sure to contact me soon.  December 1st, 2012 is my cut off date for taking custom orders this Holiday Season.

In honor of Rosie and women with Breast Cancer, I will be donating 20% of my Etsy sales through my stores, Creations by JDB and Fuffalumps, excluding custom orders, to Unite for Her throughout the month of October.  Unite for Her is an organization I learned about through my Sister in Law, Alison Donley, who owns The Light Within yoga studio.  Alison and her daughter, Rachel, help by educating women about the healing benefits of Yoga and Reiki. 

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